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The Forest Links

The Hunt
The Rufus Stone
The Forest Links

Madly Off In All Directions

- Helps to regenerate historic cities, towns and villages,
and conserve the enviromental heritage.
- Helps with the protection of threatened
coastlines, countryside and buildings.

Forest Folk, Forest Places

William Gilpin School has a long history
of service to the community. The school was
originally founded by the
Reverend William Gilpin in 1791
"for the education of the sons and daughters
of the day labourers of the parish." 
By 1870 the original building
on the corner of School Lane
in Boldre was too small
for the needs of the village and the
present building was opened in 1875.

Hampshire Links

 - The award winning website with over
 700,000 pages of information.
- The county town of Hampshire and
former capital of Wessex and England.
 Alfred made it his capital when
crowned King in 871 A.D.
Portsmouth - The home of the Royal Navy.
- Amongst other things the city hosts Europe's largest on water boat show.
- Mid-Hants Railway official website.
- The ancient woodlands set aside as a special place by
William the Conqueror over 900 years ago.
- Family Leisure Park.
- Hampshire's Living History Museum.
- Over 200 rare and endangered species of animals. The park was founded
in 1972 by pioneering conservationist John Knowles.
- One of the premier Bird of Prey parks in the United Kingdom.
- Provides a radio service for patients in the
Royal Hampshire County Hospital Winchester.
- Houses three of the greatest ships ever built, Mary Rose, HMS Victory
and HMS Warrior.
 - Take a guided tour aboard the submarine
HMS Alliance.
- Featuring the "Overlord Embroidery".
- The award winning museum celebrating
over 100 years of army aviation.
- Just over the border into West Sussex,
the famous RAF Battle of Britain station.
- Newsquest in Hampshire.
- Portsmouth News Group.

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